We present innovative phosphate-free capsules for dishwashers by Ludwik brand.
The innovative formula provides high dishwashing efficiency, thanks to which the dishes are clean and shiny. Ludwik capsules do not contain phosphates. This makes them  more friendly to the environment in which your family exist.

Ludwik All in One Dishwasher capsules:

  • They have an innovative formula and a unique shape.
  • The innovative  formula utterly fights against  grease,  effectively removes even the most stubborn dirt, gives gloss, saves water and energy. Ludwik All in One capsules remove difficult stains in 30 ° C.
  • Contained in the formula a special substance (inhibitor) prevents dulling and corrosion of glass and stainless steel.
  • High dishwashing efficiency  is achieved thanks to specially selected ingredients that work synergistically. Along with the dissolution of the substances responsible for the particular washing stages arise ideal effect quality of the whole process.
  • After the end  of the dishwashing  cycle a fresh lemon scent rises in the kitchen.
Capsules available in packages of 10 pcs., 25 pcs., 40 pcs.!

LUDWIK Colour Gel capsules for washing coloured fabrics

Innovative, concentrated detergent. Thanks to modern formula is reliable in the fight against stains on coloured fabrics, while protecting them against loss of colour. Suitable laundering pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.
Excellent washing and stain removing properties.
Perfect colour protection.
It removes even the most stubborn stains.
Packaging: 22 caps.