An active gel for washing in automatic dishwashers.
Its innovative formula means that it removes all types of dirt and stains, including fat, tea and coffee, and dried-on food.
Its carefully selected ingredients give the washed items a crystal shine.
The mineral ingredients contained in the formula protect glass and stainless steel from corrosion, preventing dulling of the surface.
Protects the dishwasher from scaling, ensuring that it continues to work effectively. Ensures the washed items are hygienic and fresh. 
Gel contains a composition of fragrances to neutralize (absorb) smells such as onion, garlic and fish.

One bottle contains enough gel for 30 washing cycles.

Packaging: 750 ml

New Ludwik washing-up balm with argan oil!

Exceptional formula of the balm guarantees perfect effectiveness or washing up and crystal shine of your dishes. It also provides the scent of  magnolia flower and sensitive balsamic notes in your kitchen.
Additionally used argan oil famous for its conditioning properties, protects skin from dryness, irritation and improves its condition and flexibility. It revitalizes, counteracts skin aging and improves regeneration of cells.
Thanks to a specially worked out formula, new Ludwik washing-up balm with argan oil effectively removes dirt from dishes, leaving them perfectly clean and shining.

Packaging: 500 g and 1000 g

Nowadays, concern for the skin of the hands and reliable effectiveness of washing-up liquids play very important role for housewives in Poland. 

 In order to satisfy the expectations of our Consumers we worked out the unique formula of Ludwik washing up balm which is tough on grease and mild on the sensitive skin of the hands.
Having combined the carefully selected ingredients, we obtain new Ludwik washing-up balm. The exceptional scent of fresh melon and  aromatic flavour of lotus flower together with perfect washing properties of the balm will bright up everyday duty of washing-up.
Additionally used vitamin complex and jojoba oil guarantee perfect moisture even for the most  irritated skin.

New Ludwik washing up balm with jojoba oil is a unique combination of effective washing-up and concern for the skin of the hands.

Packaging: 500 g and 1000 g