New Ludwik washing-up balm with argan oil!

Exceptional formula of the balm guarantees perfect effectiveness or washing up and crystal shine of your dishes. It also provides the scent of  magnolia flower and sensitive balsamic notes in your kitchen.
Additionally used argan oil famous for its conditioning properties, protects skin from dryness, irritation and improves its condition and flexibility. It revitalizes, counteracts skin aging and improves regeneration of cells.
Thanks to a specially worked out formula, new Ludwik washing-up balm with argan oil effectively removes dirt from dishes, leaving them perfectly clean and shining.

Packaging: 500 g and 1000 g

Ludwik - Grill Cleaner
Our cleaner perfectly removes all dirtying and burn-on from grills, ovens, frying-pans, sauce-pans and other ceramic cooking utensils, enamelware, ovenware and high-quality steel. The active foam holds on to the cleaned surface, thanks to which all dirt such as grease, meat or potatoes is effectively removed.

Ludwik – fireplace screen cleaner
Our cleaner is perfect for cleaning pitchy fireplace and oven screens off the dirt, which remained after roasting. It dissolves particles of pitch, tar substances and old grease. It protects from resettling of dirt. The active foam, which is formed, holds on to the cleaned surface for a longer period of time, and as a consequence effectively removes all kinds of uncleanliness.